Mission & Vision

With a belief in the old adage that “a rising tide lifts all boats” the Chamber’s mission and vision is built around three primary tenets.  We will focus on economic growth, advocacy for our members and member development, all three being equal in priority.

·         Economic growth and development in today’s environment is difficult at best.  In order to have any level of success the goal of economic development must be rooted in a solid and diverse marketing plan.  To that extent the Chamber has developed a multi-year program of advertising, social media, digital media and good old fashion selling to enhance interest in Bristol and the region.  Partnering with the municipal leadership of all the communities that we serve as well as a number of our strategic members, we have launched web based video guides, business promotional incentives, restaurant directories and connections to critical sources of capital.  Strategically placed ads for site selectors in the bio-science and manufacturing sectors have been run in the appropriate trade periodicals and attendance at targeted business shows and conferences are becoming commonplace.

·         When it comes to advocacy for our members we will take any and all actions necessary to be their voice at a federal, state and local level.  While our membership is diverse in both size and scope, the majority of our members are small businesses that possess neither the time nor the resources to spend to advocate for themselves.   We are dedicated to the role of standing in their place when it is important to do so.  Partnering with our larger members and other advocates we will continue to work toward creating a business environment in Connecticut that is pro-growth, pro-investment and encourages the entrepreneurial spirit. 

·         Ultimately we are about our members and membership development.  As the economic climate improves it is crucial that we continue to grow our membership.  Not simply in numbers but in their involvement with us in the process of economic development and advocacy.  Together we can continue to execute our plan for growth and build an economic foundation that will be the critical to future generations.